One of my regular readers pointed out the other day that I have stated that the slot machines around Las Vegas hotel pools are among the worst to play in the city, but I have never really given a reason why. There are reasons why I avoid the slot machines near Las Vegas pools, and you should take these reason with you on your next trip to Las Vegas.

First off, you might notice that the slot machines around Las Vegas hotel pools are usually a lot older than the rest of the slot machines around the casino. Now usually, I have said that older machines are usually loosened up to increase the lifetime payout of the machine. That is not true with the Las Vegas hotel pool slots.

These slots are usually made a lot tighter as they are used as a distraction for people that are around the pool, but do not want to go swimming. The casinos know that there will be people that fit this description all the time. They are with a group of friends, and are only around the poll to socialize. These slot machines are their distraction.

If a casino knows that a slot machine, such as the ones by the pool, are going to be used to fill a gap caused by boredom, the slot will be tightened up. Consider this type of slot machine as guaranteed money since there will always be someone that fit's the description of someone who does not really want to be by the pool, but has to be.

The slot machines by Las Vegas hotel pools are also old because of the fact that these slot machines usually do not last very long once they are placed by the pool. The humidity, the chlorine on people fingers, the moisture on people's fingers, and the slamming of buttons by kids really takes a toll on these machines. I was actually at a casino for a week and saw three slot machine replacements out of seven machines.

The next time that you are around a Las Vegas hotel pool, remember that the slot machines in the area are among the worst to play in Las Vegas. Do what you can to avoid the temptation. If you really do not want to be around the pool, bring a book. At least when you read a book you are not loosing any money.