It is amazing how we people like to win. And we also like money. So when you combine those two ingredients, you end up with an incredible feeling: winning money! And even better, we love to win money with no effort at all, just win it, not earn it. And what better place to win money than a Casino at Las Vegas?

Not so long ago, we went to Las Vegas, my wife and me, together with my brother in law. Actually, we went to California, Nevada, and Arizona and even experienced an earthquake!!! But that's a different story (one that you can read at my CP page or in the link attached to this article, by the way).

So when heading to Las Vegas you can imagine how people would tell us "don't loose all your clothes in the Casinos" to which all three of us would reply "I'm not a gambler". Little did we know.

Of course, Las Vegas is a weird unique city, where there is not much to do other than Casino hopping (that, and the Hoover Damn). And the hot weather influences in your decision of entering an air-conditioned building.

Then, he first night we spent in Vegas, we went to a couple of Casinos. Being in Vegas, after all, we thought it was our moral obligation to at least play a couple of dollars, so we hit the roulette.

I think it took us at least ten minutes to even dare to play! Again, we were not gamblers, so we couldn't decide if we were doing right or wrong. We heard they would give us free drinks should we play, but we were not drinkers either…

I took the first step and put some money on the table. It took us a little while to understand the minimum bet rules, we got our chips thrown at us by the "roulette-keeper" (that's what we called him in our minds) as if he was saying "Are you going to play that? You don't even tip a bum with that". But we hit color a couple of times, won some, lost some, and finally left the table with a five dollar profit.

Now, the following day, we were pumped; after all, we had won on the Casino the previous night! So we headed to "Old Las Vegas", the "real" one, you know. The one that Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Jerry Lewis (why not) made big.

And we were not the same we were the night before. This time, we were gamblers! We even enlisted our friend to come. We walked in the Casino as if we were cowboys entering a tavern. We looked around, asked the waitress for a drink, and sat in the best, most powerful, shiny, epic, one cent slot machine… and we put a whole dollar on it!!

Being four of us playing, we were risking a twenty-five cent share each. You would think its ridiculous, or (most probably) that we are cheap. But if you do, it is just because you have never felt that thrill of playing the slots.

We just played in turns; time sort of stopped for the moment, and the only thing moving was our wheel of fortune. Once and again, the suspense made us nervous. And the, it just happened…

After loosing about thirty cents, the magic combination appeared. Four figures of a kind out of five possible ones rested on the screen, and the credit counter started increasing.

You should have seen our faces, our jumps, and you should have heard our screams. Finally, we had won! We couldn't believe it. Our happiness was such that it didn't matter the hot weather, the spilling our clothes with our drink, the earthquake that was about to come, nor even the fact that eventually we would have to get back home and work again…

People started noticing our excitement, hearing our screams; everybody at the Casino just had to look what seemed as history on the making. Did these guys hit the jackpot? Are they rich now while they were not just a second ago?

It was the best moment ever, a moment we will cherish in our minds forever. We had so much fun with that dollar, and now we had won. We deserved it. And we celebrated it, as if we had won nine gold medals in the Olympics, breaking all records.

Little did it matter to us that, although it was in fact a forty percent win, that forty percent win only represented forty cents out of the dollar we put in the machine…

Those forty cents will not make us rich, but they were the best forty cents of our lives.

And we might use them some day to buy ourselves four shirts that would read: We were gamblers, and we won forty percent at Las Vegas!