UKbetting is a very big sport betting group that has grown extensively by acquiring realitivly lower cost operators with good customer bases. Apart from the UK market, UKbettng has a good presence in to the Asian and European market. UKbetting Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2001.

Apart from the UKbetting, this huge sports betting and gambling business group opeates other big companies like SportingLife, BettingZone, Sportal and TotalBet.

UKbtting covers a good range of all the UK, US and other major international sports. The betting range includes Football, Greyhounds, Rugby, Boxing, Cricket, Motor Racing Tennis, Golf, NFL, NBA, NBL, Ice Hockey, Snooker, Basketball and Horses Racing.

UKbetting caters to all the needs. Apart from sports betting, it showcases games, casinos, poker and bingo games. UKbetting gives a good competition to the other biggies like Ladbrokes and William Hill.

UKbetting offers commentary and live audio news for horse racing, greyhounds, football, and Irish racing. Additionally also offers stats long with the betting guides that are accessible to both the members and non-members. UKbetting has useful betting forum, betting blog, articles based on gambling, gambling news, sports news, bet calculator, odds conversion ladder and other useful information for he members.

UKbettng has a great feauture – Betting exchanges. Betting exchanges works similar to any other exchange. Betting exchange is a bet where the bets are bought and sold, and the contracts made. In recent times, Betting exchanges have become very popular. People are highly using them. Betting exchanges is a complete new development in the risk markets; it has changed the traditional sports betting and gambling industry. Betting exchanges are seen as the future of online betting. Betting Exchanges offers charges a transaction fee similarly to stock exchange rather than take a percentage in order to avoid being categorized as a casino.

At UKbetting, customer service is available via phone and email. The response is excellent, they reply timely. Alike the other major sporting houses, UKbetting also does not allow the U.S. players.

The lacking part at UKbetting is that there are not big promotions. UKbetting offers very minimal promotions; in fact, there is only one – free bet. New members get a free bet of GBP25 at the time of joining.

UKbetting provides the following deposit methods – Card (Credit/Debit), NETeller, Wire Transfer and Checks. For withdrawal, it offers Checks.
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