It seems like just about every gambler you talk to has his or her own tips for winning at Roulette. Some seem logical and practical, others sound down right absurd. Most personal tips come as a result of a person's luck on a particular day and what they credit that luck to. Other tips are based on observation and empirical testing of actions and results.


Some Odd Advice

I have heard some really bizarre tips in my day. I once had a man in Reno tell me to play Roulette only on Tuesdays. Weekdays, he informed me, always have better odds and Tuesday is the best day of the week for winning. He claimed to have formulated this tip after researching pay out statistics for an entire year. I do not believe this tip to be accurate. I believe his calculations were skewed because he did not factor in the increased volume of weekend gambling along with many other crucial variables.

A woman I once chatted with via instant messenger while gambling at an online casino had this tip for me. She said that when gambling online, one should never place more than one bet every two minutes. While this certainly would extend the time a person could play, there is no basis for this as an effective system and no proof that this can increase your odds of winning.

The truth is, most personal tips you will get are more or less worthless. They are nothing but superstitions and old wives tales. The only thing you can do to help you increase your odds of winning online or at the casino is to learn and utilize an effective Roulette system. So here's my tip to you, ignore your friend's mumbo jumbo and research the various gambling systems available that can help you become a better, more successful Roulette player.