Roulette is a unique casino game. It moves at a more leisurely pace than other games like Black Jack, and is more social by nature. Many people remain at the roulette table for hours on end, conversing with other players and enjoying one another's company as much as the game itself. The table is set up to accommodate the social nature of the game.

Players sit or stand around a table that is broken up into a grid of red and black squares resembling a chess board. Each colored square on the table has a numerical value corresponding to one of the pockets on the wheel. Players place their betting chips on the square of their choice, anticipating that the ball will land in that slot.


Roulette Wheel Layout

At one end of the table is the Roulette wheel. The wheel has numbered pockets representing the numbers one through 36. In addition to the numbered slots, there is also a zero pocket. On an American Roulette wheel, there is also an additional 00 slot. The zero and 00 slots are green instead of the standard red or black of the rest of the numbers.

At first glance it might appear that the set up of the wheel is totally arbitrary. This is not the case, however. The color and number distributions on the wheel are the result of meticulous planning. The numbers are distributed evenly in such a way as to make the odds of landing on any particular spot; low, even, high, odd, etc. equal. Colors alternate, as do even and odd numbers.