Every game in the casino is designed to favor the house. Casinos are in the business of winning, not losing. As a result, casino games are intentionally designed to disadvantage players. If they weren't, casinos could not stay in business.

This does not mean that all games are created equal. Some games have better odds than others. As a player, you need to know which games give you the best odds of winning and which games give you the worst. Knowing this will enable you to focus your energy and money on games that put you in the best position to win, in the short term and the long run.


Which Games Have the Best Odds?

The games with some of the worst odds are Keno and Let It Ride. These games, though enjoyable, should be avoided if you want to win. You should focus your attention on Roulette and Black Jack instead. These games have the best odds of winning in the casino. Both have good short term potential and long term favorable odds. They are also some of the most exciting to play, which is a nice bonus.

For Roulette in particular, there are even ways to increase your chances of winning beyond what are inherent in the structure of the game. Roulette systems have been carefully devised to teach players how to anticipate the outcome of the next spin and to increase not only their short-term winnings, but their long term earning potential as well. Many systems allow you to start with a very small bankroll and increase it dramatically the longer you play.