Tired of the same old gaming action? Had enough and need a break from shooters, simulations, and RPGs? How about some high-stakes action that won't empty your wallet?

Casino style slot machine games are big, and Phantom EFX is no stranger to them. With numerous desktop, online, and mobile digital slots titles under its belt, the developer has delivered an array of slots based games with varying themes, challenges, and mini-games. In Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout for example, it's time to score high in the Wild West.

Tumbleweed Town needs your help. The Red Bandanna Boys are causing a ruckus and it is up to you, the town's trustworthy lawman, to clear them out for good. Figuring that challenging them to a fight could get real ugly real fast, you suggest some high-stakes slot machine competition instead.

Different slot machines offer a variety of gameplay.

Like most of the slots that are based on a theme, in Wild West Shootout, there are four different slot machines to play; Bad Girls, Ricochet, Oil Tycoon, Bovine Bling – each offering its own unique slot machine gameplay and scoring values. At the game's start, not all machines are playable at first as you have to prove yourself as a capable slot-playing lawman for each to become available. When you're sitting at a machine, you can keep playing to level up and unlock higher payout rates along with challenging bonus rounds. Be lucky enough to hit special slot payouts and unlock achievements that will appear on your trophy shelf. Beat all of a machine's challenges and move a few steps closer to running the Bandanna Boys out of town. Be careful not to give up and cash out too early – you'll be warned that progress in your current challenge will be lost for good.

Themed mini-games add to the western feel while offering additional gameplay.

Everyone needs to walk away and take a break from the slots every now and then. Good thing is, while there are a number of slots that are based on realistic casino style play, a themed title such as Wild West Shootout also features some mini-games to compliment the ongoing story. While they are not overly challenging, they do test player skill with quick tasks and puzzle like action.

The Wild West isn't your thing? Not a problem. Phantom EFX has many theme slots to choose from, such as Slot Quest: Under the Sea, and Slot Quest: The Vampire Lord. These titles along with their Real Deal line of slot based games game be found through online game retailers and casual game sites such as Amazon.com and BigFishGames.com.