The online penny slot machine is the last of a dying breed. In the old days, a penny slot held the promise for great riches. Of course, a new Cadillac at that point was about 3000 dollars. Nowadays, most people are familiar with the nickel, quarter, or even dollar slot machine, all of which carry a much more significant upside.

But in an age when we bemoan two-dollar-a-gallon gas and 12-dollar movies, there's something quaint and even refreshing about the online penny slot. Even most gumball machines have seen a 2500-percent rate of inflation in the past 20 years. In fact, there's nearly nothing left to buy for a mere penny these days. For years the Treasury has debated phasing out the famous copper coin altogether.


Buy Your Mortgage with an Online Penny Slot

Well, that may be a stretch, but there are winners at the online penny slot machine. They may only win five bucks here, 10 bucks there, but there's something to be said for longevity in any game of chance. Think of penny slots as an entertainment bargain, and you've got the right attitude to play.

You won't find penny slots at many online casinos. Not, in a multibillion-dollar industry where fortunes are won and lost (usually lost) by the minute. But more expensive online slots are everywhere and offer a relatively painless introduction to the world of online gambling, as there's virtually no strategy to follow whatsoever.