Omaha poker may not be as well known as Texas Holdem, but the rules are similar, except for some slight changes that make Omaha a compelling alternative. Both games feature cards dealt to the player as well as boardcards, those turned up on the table that can be used by all players. The primary difference between the two games resides in the number of cards that are dealt and how they are used.

In Omaha poker, each player is dealt four cards, instead of the two that are received by players of Texas Holdem. As in that highly televised Lone Star game, though, five boardcards are turned up, first in a flop of three, then a fourth, and finally a fifth. The goal in Omaha poker is to make the best hand using precisely two cards from one's hand and three cards from the board.


Win High, Win Low

Many players will play Omaha Hi Lo split, in which players compete for the highest hand and the lowest hand. This can be incredibly confusing for novices and even experienced Omaha players confess that theirs is a game full of frustration and confusion. For those who take to it, however, it is a sophisticated game with pleasures to be found that are absent in Texas Holdem.

The Internet allows the spread-out community of Omaha poker players to come together to compete over the telephone lines. Players can arrange games in advance with some of their old friends or sit down at a virtual table and make new ones. Online gambling casinos and poker rooms allow players to indulge in Omaha poker no matter where they are.