How ATM deposits work - DignitedYou know them. ATM(s) they were supposed to make it more convenient for the banking customer. The reality is that they make it easier for the criminal who wants to jack you. Media appears to leave out if a bank customer is jacked at a ATM and if it is equipped with a camera, does the customer recoup the loss at the banks cost or not? Is a ATM federal or state property if said device is on bank property or not? Are funds in an ATM federally insured for loss?

Also in the media lately ATM’s are going up in a usage fee. One bank told a friend of this writer that the increase of cost was due to security. What a bunch of crap. Do you readers see any “Robo-Cops” at your bank? This device probably reduced a banks work force considerably. Bank hours are not really designed for most consumers, because by the time you get off work your bank is closed. You cannot even argue with an ATM. These machines in reality are not a convenience with the exception of the bank. You see how banks have changed. Go into yours what do you think a bank Teller makes? Isn’t it great that the financial adviser at many banks are just a couple of years out of high-school. It is too much win win for the bank.

Slot machines are obviously used in or as a gambling device. Recent surveys according to the rocket scientists who administer them report that many Americans cannot account for at least 100.00 a month. The survey pointed out that many folks who use an ATM often take out more than they originally wanted to. Bad for you good ,for the bank. I have been to Vegas. No one takes only what they want to spend even though you hear about it. An ATM will gladly most of the time give you YOUR money, just as a slot machine will take it. The irony in ATM’s v. slot machines, is that a slot machine does not charge you three dollars to use it each time. Your ATM will charge you to use it every time, whether you put in or take out.

Gambling is not legal in all fifty states. If people in general cannot account for there own money using an ATM is alone and by itself a gamble and therefore maybe there legality should be in question. Perhaps these bank devices need to be more closely regulated. If banks do not have to pay for health insurance for employees replaced by electric tellers why do the fees continue to rise? There are less bank employees doing more work.

in gambling speak the odds always favor the house. In gambling, most people know that the house is favored over 90 percent. How is an ATM not a gambling device? Perhaps some legal scholar could respond.