Until very recently, the only poker that could be found on television was the annual ritual that is the World Series of Poker (WSOP), and even that was usually buried on ESPN2. Since the explosion of popularity of No Limit Texas Holdem, however, every Saturday morning seems to bring another poker tournament into our living rooms. It seems that celebrity poker shows and charity events conspire to make the game all but inescapable at times.

No Limit Holdem is just what it sounds like–a game where the pots have no limit and the game is played until only one player has any money left. It is sort of like Monopoly in that respect, except all the money is real, and the stakes are much, much higher. The drama of No Limit is largely derived from the huge pots that are routinely up in the air, and the fact that anyone may walk away with all the chips.


No Limit to the Excitement

The world of professional poker is filled with colorful characters with nicknames like "The Devil Fish," as well as with everyday Joes who have worked hard at their game. Small buy-in tournaments allow nearly anyone who wants to go for it to enter to play against the big boys. Rags to riches stories happen everyday in poker, and one good hand can change someone's life forever.

Games are often won and lost in No Limit Holdem when a player is so confident in his hand that he elects to go "all in." By doing this, a player puts every single one of his chips at risk, and will either win the hand, or walk away from the table with nothing to show for it. When someone goes all in, the players lay down their cards and stand up, as the dealer continues to reveal the community cards and announces the winner of the crucial hand.