Nickel slots are a great way to ease into a trip to your online casino (or regular casino, for that matter), since they're relatively low risk. Talk to most Vegas tourists and you're likely to find that their number one fear is losing a high-stakes competition. Of course, the way to avoid this is never to play for big bucks in the first place.

Sometimes, however, big stakes can sneak up on you. Games such as twenty one and craps can draw you in with modest bets but quickly require more and more funds if you want to keep pace. With nickel slots, you wager five cents, every time, guaranteed. Even on machines that let you double, triple, and quintuple your bet for a two-, three-, and four-times payout, the most you're likely to part with is a quarter.


Why Nickel Slots Remain So Popular

Nickel slots, and slot machines in general, are probably the most democratic game in any casino. Absolutely anyone can step up to a so-called "one-armed bandit," place a coin in the slot, and walk off a winner. There's so skill or strategy involved whatsoever. You may have even witnessed rows upon rows of zombie-like tourists sitting on cushioned stools at three o'clock in the morning. Slots just seem to have this magnetic draw, this promise of mass fortunes only a pull or two away.

Most slot machines don't differ too much, but there are subtle variations to beware of. One of these is the number of reels. Some machines stick to the standard three-reel format, while others entice gamblers with five or more reels. While this might seem attractive for the potentially bigger winnings, your odds are much better on a three-reel slot.