Multi-line slots frequently offer more lucrative payouts than standard slot machines. Whenever you sit down to play slots, one of the first things you notice is the level of payout. All games require different combinations of characters, be they bars, sevens, or cherries, whatever, for the various levels of payment, and multi-line slots offer the most.

With multi-line slots, there may be up to a dozen different combos that pay. Mind you, some of these “winners” will be nothing more than an equal return on your investment. But if you’re playing for longevity instead of financial gain, an even-money bet is hard to argue with. In fact, you can typically stretch a single dollar into 20 minutes or a half hour of relatively inexpensive fun.

More on Multi-line Slots

Unlike other online slots, multi-line machines also offer disproportionately high rates of return. Of course, standard machines always feature a jackpot, but after this there’s little chance for substantive gain. With multi-line slot machines, though, high payouts are the norm since these games also boast four- and five-reel formats.

A standard slot machine comes with three revolving reels, which ups your odds of winning. Online casinos get away with advertising bigger payouts on five-reel machines because their designers know that it’s much harder to score five straight icons than it is three. This is also why multi-line slots are able to pay up to a dozen or more winning combinations. When you add up the total number of possible outcomes, that figure grows exponentially with the addition of two or three more reels.