Craps is without a doubt the most intimidating game for a new player to dive into, especially on the floor of a Las Vegas casino. There are so many rules and possible bets–not to mention unwritten rules of etiquette–that confusion and intimidation are frequent responses to one’s first time at the table. Luckily, once learned, craps is an incredibly lively and fun game that keeps players coming back for more.

Online casinos are terrific ways to hone skills and strategies before taking them to Las Vegas or Atlantic City–and with craps this can be a lifesaver. The raucous social aspects of craps make it a difficult game to learn in a crowded casino where drinks are flowing freely. Learning the rules and the common bets from the comfort and privacy of one’s home is a much wiser idea.

Making the Point

At its heart, craps is a very simple game whose objective is to bet on whether the shooter will roll the same number twice before he “craps out.” The alluring dice combinations of seven and 11 are actually only welcome rolls when a new shooter starts rolling and has yet to establish his point. Once he makes a point of a number such as 4, 5, 6, or 8, the object of the game is for him to throw that number once again before rolling a seven or 11, which now have become unwelcome results that end a shooter’s turn.

Players may bet against the shooter as well, though this is sometimes seen as poor etiquette in a game that is a very social experience. Playing craps online removes the peer pressure aspect of this game and allows players to learn it on its merits. Once the fundamentals have been mastered, players may choose to keep their craps play on the Internet or book the next flight to Vegas to take their turns as shooters.