Craps gambling by some estimates is enjoyed by 30 million Americans every year. Craps is an enjoyable and very exciting game, so it is no wonder that craps gambling is very popular. Craps has evolved from a game played in Europe to the game we see today at many casinos. Modern craps began in the United States during the steamboat era and migrated west as the country grew.

Craps gambling involves betting on any of the possible number combinations of the die. Due to the many different combinations, there are a variety of different bets involved with craps gambling. For instance, a gambler can bet that a six will roll before a seven. One can bet that the shooter will crap out, or roll a seven, before hitting the point. You can bet that the shooter will hit the point before rolling a seven. You can also bet that the die will hit a hard number, or pair before any combination of the number or a seven is rolled. For instance, a hard eight bet wins if a pair of fours is rolled before a five/three, six/two or seven.

Nevada legalized casino gambling in 1931, making craps available for the masses in casinos across the state. A movement has grown over the years to allow for legalized gambling across the country and craps games can be found in more locations than just Nevada. The Internet has offered a new outlet for those who wish to play craps. There are several websites that offer craps both for money and for fun.


Effects of Craps Gambling

Historically, gambling has been illegal for three main reasons. Gambling has at times been considered immoral, tied to organized crime and seen as leading to compulsive gambling. The merits of each of those claims can be debated and both sides have valid points. However, in all reality, gambling is just like anything else; it is good if played in moderation. For individuals that are negatively affected by gambling, there is help in the form of support groups and counseling.