Winning Betting Systems

Winning betting systems are hard to come by. Most are merely gimmicks designed to entice players to spend their money on a system that sounds great in theory, but has little or no practical value. A vast majority of betting systems are losers. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Not all betting systems are […]

No Limit Holdem

Until very recently, the only poker that could be found on television was the annual ritual that is the World Series of Poker (WSOP), and even that was usually buried on ESPN2. Since the explosion of popularity of No Limit Texas Holdem, however, every Saturday morning seems to bring another poker tournament into our living […]

How To Play Craps

Craps is without a doubt the most intimidating game for a new player to dive into, especially on the floor of a Las Vegas casino. There are so many rules and possible bets–not to mention unwritten rules of etiquette–that confusion and intimidation are frequent responses to one’s first time at the table. Luckily, once learned, […]
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Beat The Dealer

In order to beat the dealer at any game of chance, you have to know the game inside and out. Sure, any Joe Schmo off the street can sit down at a table and by pure luck win a few hands, but in order to achieve long term success, you’ll need to develop an in […]

Black Jack Surrender

One option available at most Las Vegas casinos is black jack with surrender. This means that once your hand is dealt and you can see the card that the dealer is showing, you can surrender the hand and only lose half of your money. This can be a very valuable strategic move when the dealer […]

Omaha Hi Lo

Omaha Hi Lo is a Holdem game with some similarities to the more popular Texas Holdem, but with a few important differences, one of them a very odd one. Each player must make a hand using two of the four cards he was dealt and three of the five cards that are available to every […]

Betting Experts

Betting experts can offer a lot of good advice to new gamblers and seasoned gamers alike. They've put in a lot of time and money in learning how to play the games with the most skill and most precision, so consulting betting experts can be a good way to get an idea of how you […]

Live Baccarat

Most Americans derive all their knowledge about the international card game Baccarat from James Bond movies. Watching 007 wager obscene amounts of money at a Monte Carlo table seems to be the epitome of cool. Few people realize how easy Baccarat is to play, however, and they miss out on this simple but rewarding game. […]