People are always asking me for casino tips. A few weeks ago some friends of mine were heading to Vegas hoping to strike it rich. Before they went they called me up and asked me what tips I could give them to better their chances. My first tip was, don't expect to strike it rich. Few inexperienced gamblers have much chance of winning it big, and most experienced gamblers don't go for the giant pay outs. (By the way, these tips apply to online casinos too.)


Tips for Casino Gamblers

My second tip, then, was to play conservatively. You're going to be there for three days I said, you don't need to try and win every game on the first night. Place conservative bets and you can play for longer periods. It's not much fun to drop all your money at the first table and then watch your friends play all night.

My third tip was, find a game and stick with it, and your best bet is to avoid games like Keno that have terrible odds and stick with Roulette, Black Jack, or quarter slots that have better odds or allow you to play for longer periods. Roulette's my favorite, I told them, because it is a much more social game than many of the others.

My fourth casino tip was, never play with more than you can afford to lose. True, you might win, but you might lose too so you better save enough money for gas on the return trip because I'm not coming down there to pick you up. I also steered them toward a Roulette system that I've seen work well that approaches betting based on the physics of the wheel rather than on traditional statistical probability systems. My last tip was, don't miss out on any of the buffets, they're spectacular.