Helpful Hints On Playing Slot Machines

Upon arrival at the casino, decide upon a slot machine strategy. Walk around and observe which slot machines are paying out and how often. Playing casino or hotel slot machines is not always a question of luck. A knowledgeable player is more likely to walk away a winner.

Many people chose to play the two, five and ten cent slot machines. The idea being their money will last longer at these machines. The web site Slot Advisor states that is not necessarily true.

The amount stated on the slot machine is the cost to play per reel. If a player plays the maximum bet of twenty lines with five reels each, it will cost $1.00, $2.50 or $5.00 per spin respectively.

Playing the twenty-five cent slot machine may be a better option. If the maximum bet is three credits, the cost is seventy-five cents per spin. Be aware, however, that some machines have a five-bet maximum, which would mean paying $1.25 per spin.

Slot Machine Payouts

Those playing slot machines on a restricted budget should play only one or two credits rather than the maximum each time. This will maximize time on the machine and possibly increase the odds, although the payouts will be smaller.

Gaming casinos and hotel casinos often use promotions to keep people coming back to the casino. Free Rewards Card are offered and, when used each time at the slot machines, the cards build points that can be redeemed for free meal vouchers or chances at prize, winning draws.

The catch is a player must be present when the draw is held. So if the draw is held later that day or on another day, the patron must either hang around or come back another day to be eligible to win. This keeps customers in the casino or coming back another time to spend more money on food, drink or playing the gaming tables and slot machines.

Gambling establishments also often provide free drinks to patrons. Stick to non-alcoholic beverages. Drinking alcohol can impair judgment causing a player to overspend and forget the game plan.

Tight And Loose Slot Machines

According to the website, Casino Tips and Tricks, a player can increase their chances of winning by playing the good, playing slot machines. They are called loose machines and pay out 95% to 98% of the time.

A poor paying machine is called a tight machine. Loose machines are often located directly beside a tight machine. A player should move to a different slot machine if it isn’t paying out after five or ten spins.

Slot Machine Etiquette

In order to make playing casino slot machines more enjoyable for everyone, there are some basic rules of etiquette that should be followed:

  1. Never touch the machine or lean over the shoulder of another slot machine player.
  2. Patrons are allowed to play two side-by-side machines as long as the casino isn’t busy.
  3. Do not pound on the slot machines buttons. This distracts other players and casino owners discourage it because of possible damage to the machines.
  4. Finally, do not sit on the chair next to someone playing the slots unless you are playing that slot machine. The management frowns on this because it takes up a seat that could be used by someone else.

A trip to the casino should be a relaxing, fun experience. Those who set some personal goals and also follow the casino’s rules when playing the slot machines will come out winners. Whether a player walks away a winner, breaks even or loses, consider it money spent on a day's entertainment.


Roulette Wheel Layouts

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the history of gambling. It has its own subculture of devoted professional gamblers and devoted enthusiasts. It conveys a certain sophistication and class that few other casino games can match.

It is not just the style of the game that appeals to gamblers. If it was not one of the most winnable, it would not be nearly so popular. Roulette has some of the best odds of any game in the casino. It has much, much better odds than games like Let it Ride or Keno, and only games like Blackjack can even come close to equaling it.


The Classic Roulette Wheel Layout

A close look at a Roulette wheel shows why its odds are more balanced. The wheel itself is a precision piece of equipment designed with mathematical balance in mind. Not only are the colors black and red evenly spaced about the wheel, but the numbers are balanced as well. High, low, even, and odd numbers are spread about in a manner to create the greatest possible balance. The 0 slot is bordered by two black pockets, with alternating colors radiating out from there, ending in the 00 slot directly opposite, which is bordered by two red pockets. This allows for the most even distribution of colors and the numbers one through 35.

What I have just described is the layout of the standard American Roulette wheel. The European wheel is slightly different. It lacks the 00 pocket of the American version. It too has 36 numbers, one through 35. Without the 00 slot, the European wheel has slightly different odds than the American wheel, and this is something to keep in mind while you're playing.

Roulette Rules

Like any game of chance, Roulette has certain rules that must be adhered to. Especially since money is at stake, it is extremely important for gamblers to be familiar with the rules and etiquette expected of players in real and virtual casinos. The rules are fairly simple, and learning them ahead of time can help you avoid any potential embarrassments or misunderstandings.

First, realize that you are not in competition with the other players. Most Roulette games accommodate up to eight players, and each player plays against the dealer only. Each player has his or her own color chips so as not to confuse bets. If you win a spin, you cash your color chip in for a cash chip of a specific value.

Roulette Rules

If you place an even money bet, there is a special rule for certain outcomes known as the “En Prison” rule. This means that if the ball lands on zero, you can either take back your bet or leave it for another spin. Leaving it in place for another spin leaves it in prison, hence the name of the rule.

Another rule you need to know is the so called ‘La Partage’ rule. This is virtually similar to the En Prison rule, but in this case you lose half your bet and you cannot leave the remainder in prison, or out for another spin. If you place an outside even money bet and the ball lands on zero, the La Partage rule applies.

There are also rules of etiquette that you must follow. You must place your bet before the spinner, known as a croupier, calls out “No more bets.” Once the croupier stops betting, under no circumstances should you attempt to touch your chips. Your bet is firm and you cannot change it once ‘no more bets’ has been called.

Roulette Tips

It seems like just about every gambler you talk to has his or her own tips for winning at Roulette. Some seem logical and practical, others sound down right absurd. Most personal tips come as a result of a person's luck on a particular day and what they credit that luck to. Other tips are based on observation and empirical testing of actions and results.


Some Odd Advice

I have heard some really bizarre tips in my day. I once had a man in Reno tell me to play Roulette only on Tuesdays. Weekdays, he informed me, always have better odds and Tuesday is the best day of the week for winning. He claimed to have formulated this tip after researching pay out statistics for an entire year. I do not believe this tip to be accurate. I believe his calculations were skewed because he did not factor in the increased volume of weekend gambling along with many other crucial variables.

A woman I once chatted with via instant messenger while gambling at an online casino had this tip for me. She said that when gambling online, one should never place more than one bet every two minutes. While this certainly would extend the time a person could play, there is no basis for this as an effective system and no proof that this can increase your odds of winning.

The truth is, most personal tips you will get are more or less worthless. They are nothing but superstitions and old wives tales. The only thing you can do to help you increase your odds of winning online or at the casino is to learn and utilize an effective Roulette system. So here's my tip to you, ignore your friend's mumbo jumbo and research the various gambling systems available that can help you become a better, more successful Roulette player.

Online Baccarat Casinos

Those players who have developed a taste for Baccarat favor the elegant simplicity of the game above crasser options such as poker and black jack. There is nothing any player can do to increase or decrease another player's chances of winning in Baccarat, so the spirit at the table is much more convivial and relaxed. Once a bettor decides whether to wager on the Player or the Banker, all that is left is to sit back and watch how the hand plays itself out.

This experience can be a far cry from a smoke-filled poker room, or an elbow-to-elbow black jack table where every other player is fuming that someone screwed up the deck with an ill-advised hit. For players who prefer a stress-free gambling atmosphere, Baccarat is a natural choice.


Baccarat in the Bedroom

Online Baccarat casinos allow players to practice and hone their skills from the comfort of their homes while preparing for a trip to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. Online gambling casinos are a great place to practice a new betting strategy and to evaluate its performance before hitting the actual casino floor. A little bit of practice makes for a much more confident and relaxed player.

Many people simply prefer to play Baccarat at online casinos and have no desire to make a pilgrimage to a big casino town. Saving money and untold hassles, players can play Baccarat live on the Internet and get the same experience and the same odds. Many online casinos offer a webcam so players can see the actual table and dealer in real time, further reducing the need to make an actual trip.

Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a complex, sophisticated game that has been played for centuries. Over time, gamblers have attempted to perfect many different strategies designed to give them an edge over the house in order to increase winnings and enjoyment. Without an effective roulette strategy, gamblers are putting themselves at the mercy of chance.

It is true that roulette, like all casino games played online or in a traditional casino environment, is a game based on a degree of randomness. The ball will land in a more or less random spot that is difficult to predict, but that does not mean you shouldn’t prepare ahead of time in order to give yourself the best chances possible.

Some Basic Roulette Strategies

One helpful strategy when playing Roulette is to stick with what is called European, or single zero, roulette. European roulette has only a single green zero pocket whereas American roulette has two green zero pockets. Because of the additional zero space on an American wheel, the odds of winning at European roulette are slightly higher.

Another good strategy to beat roulette is to study up on one of the available roulette systems. Systems in gambling are strategies and practices developed by professional gamblers to help them overcome the house advantage. There are many available systems that can be found online or at a bookstore, and you should be able to find an effective roulette system with minimal effort for maximum payoff.

Roulette And Black Jack

Every game in the casino is designed to favor the house. Casinos are in the business of winning, not losing. As a result, casino games are intentionally designed to disadvantage players. If they weren't, casinos could not stay in business.

This does not mean that all games are created equal. Some games have better odds than others. As a player, you need to know which games give you the best odds of winning and which games give you the worst. Knowing this will enable you to focus your energy and money on games that put you in the best position to win, in the short term and the long run.


Which Games Have the Best Odds?

The games with some of the worst odds are Keno and Let It Ride. These games, though enjoyable, should be avoided if you want to win. You should focus your attention on Roulette and Black Jack instead. These games have the best odds of winning in the casino. Both have good short term potential and long term favorable odds. They are also some of the most exciting to play, which is a nice bonus.

For Roulette in particular, there are even ways to increase your chances of winning beyond what are inherent in the structure of the game. Roulette systems have been carefully devised to teach players how to anticipate the outcome of the next spin and to increase not only their short-term winnings, but their long term earning potential as well. Many systems allow you to start with a very small bankroll and increase it dramatically the longer you play.

Gambling Resources

There is a huge source of gambling resources available for people who want to learn more about individual games or the history of gambling. Gambling resources can be found in books, online, or at your local library. Studying these resources can make you a better, more successful gambler and increase your short-term and long-term winnings.


Various Gambling Resources

Some of the best gambling resources around are friends and family. Some of your acquaintances probably have a lot more experience than you do with casino and online gambling. They can tell you what games to play and strategies for success. Almost every family or group of friends has at least one gambling aficionado among its ranks. This is a great place to start learning the ropes of gaming.

Another great source of gambling information is the Internet. There are more tips and advice available online than anywhere else. Many life time, experienced gamblers have spent years developing systems to help players boost their odds of winning and increase their earnings. Some of these systems are quite good, others are mere hoaxes. Before you shell out any money to buy one of these systems, research it thoroughly. Only invest in a system that encourages you to ask questions and to research it thoroughly. Sites advertising gambling systems that do not encourage your investigation and serious consideration are probably trying to cover the ineffectiveness of their systems.

Your local library is always a great source of information on any topic, including gambling. As a gambling resource, the library has books offering strategies for winning, the history of gambling, and interesting and unusual gambling facts.

Roulette Software

There are so many different versions of Roulette software on the market that it can be overwhelming to try and differentiate one from another. Almost all of them, however, operate on the same principles and can perform similar functions.

Good Roulette Software

Roulette software used for running games is based on what are commonly called RNGs, or random number generators. These are based on various random processes that cannot be predicted so that each spin of the wheel is completely random and not related to either the previous spin or the one immediately following it. Without random number generators, it would be fairly easy to predict the outcome of a virtual spin, if you knew the program.

For players of the game, good Roulette software can perform other functions. It can store and analyze relevant information to help you build an effective Roulette system. The observations and computations software can perform in fractions of a second used to take hours, days, or weeks by hand.

When you are shopping for Roulette software, don’t forget that there are two different types of Roulette games. One is European and has a single zero space. The other is American and has a zero and a double zero space. This is an important distinction. Good software usually has both types available.

Live Baccarat

Most Americans derive all their knowledge about the international card game Baccarat from James Bond movies. Watching 007 wager obscene amounts of money at a Monte Carlo table seems to be the epitome of cool. Few people realize how easy Baccarat is to play, however, and they miss out on this simple but rewarding game.

To play Baccarat, all one needs to do is to choose which of two sides he or she thinks will win the game, as well as how much to wager. Known as the Player and Banker, these two sides–both controlled by the dealer–compete to see which one gets closer to nine. Once you bet on either side–or, if you wish, on a tie–there is nothing left to do but sit back and see how the hand plays out.


Shaken, Not Stirred

Not having to make pressure-filled decisions appeals to many players who prefer a more genteel form of gambling. No longer limited only to Europe, Las Vegas casinos–as well as online gambling casinos–offer Baccarat as well. Many online casinos offer live Baccarat via webcam, where you can watch a dealer play out the hand live right in front of your eyes.

Live Baccarat online is nearly identical to playing in person, except that you don't get your turn to deal. This game appeals to many players who are wary of online gambling in general, since there is no discernible difference in game play in the online version. The best long-term betting strategy in Baccarat is to bet on the Banker, even though the house collects 5% of all Banker wins.