How to Avoid Becoming a Slot Machine Junkie

Now that casinos are springing up all across America, gambling is more convenient than ever. Where once, people had to take trips to certain distinct locations to play slot machines, they can now press that button in short driving distance. It is much easier to keep the slot machine gambling at a fun and harmless level if you follow a few pointers.

  1. Never bring more money to the casino than you are willing to lose. If you have extra money on you, you will be tempted to use it, even if you go on a winning streak. Here is how it happens: You set aside the money you do not plan to gamble with. Then you gamble with the moeny you have allotted yourself. You may win, but if you eventually start losing, you may be tempted to dig into your store. You think, just a twenty, Just one more twenty. This can go on until all the money you brought is gone.
  2. Do not even bring a way to get more money. Do not bring your ATM card, a check book, or a credit card that you can make cash advances on. It is too easy to pull out more money. If you stay faithful to this rule, you will be able to control your spending better.
  3. Watch out for progressive slot machines. That is not to say that you should not play them. However, the key to playing a progressive without going broke is simple. Play it to win a good amount of money and if you should happen to win the progressive, that would be a nice surprise. If you play with the expectation of winning the progressive, you may win and lose a lot of money that you could have gone home with as a gain.
  4. Beware of the video slots bonus. Bonus rounds are fun; there is no doubt about it. A certain number of special symbols come up and suddenly the reels change and you get 15 extra spins, or something similar. That means that you get chances to win with each spin without adding any more money until the free spins are finished. It sounds like a great deal, right? It is, but the problem is that once you get a video slots bonus, you usually think you can do better the next time. No matter how many times the bonus comes up, a common reaction is to set your sights on the next bonus. Instead of falling into this trap, base your time to quit on other factors.
  5. Set points where you will quit. If you win something, you may want to play it down a little bit. That makes sense, to see if you are still winning. People who should know usually say that slots are totally random and that there is no such thing as a hot machine. However, people who have played usually experience times when a certain machine is paying consistently. The thing to remember is that, even if this happens to you, it will end. So, after you have played down to the point you have decided on, then quit. If you happen to hit a good payout while you are playing the total down to you first set point, choose a new higher set point at which to stop. This keeps increasing the amount you will go home with.
  6. When it stops being fun, stop playing. Never go to a casino depressed and when things go bad, just get up and walk away. Some people will start out with negative feelings and soothe them by playing slots. This is a fast way to get into problem gambling habits–maybe even a gambling addiction.
  7. Use money you have won to buy things you want or need. A true slot machine junkie will go back to the casino and put it all back in the machine. Do not fall into that trap. If the money just keeps going in and out of the machine (and more in than out) it begins to lose meaning. Keep yourself grounded in the value of a dollar by using it in a way that enriches your life.

If you are planning to go on a gambling trip, make decisions before you go. Then, make it difficult to change those decisions by leaving money and ATM cards behind. Learn as much as you can about how slot machines work so that you will not be caught off guard. Keep in mind that a short winning streak may set you on the path to problem gambling faster than starting out by losing will. Play if you choose, but only if you can keep it under control and have fun with it.

Multi-line Slots

Multi-line slots frequently offer more lucrative payouts than standard slot machines. Whenever you sit down to play slots, one of the first things you notice is the level of payout. All games require different combinations of characters, be they bars, sevens, or cherries, whatever, for the various levels of payment, and multi-line slots offer the most.

With multi-line slots, there may be up to a dozen different combos that pay. Mind you, some of these “winners” will be nothing more than an equal return on your investment. But if you’re playing for longevity instead of financial gain, an even-money bet is hard to argue with. In fact, you can typically stretch a single dollar into 20 minutes or a half hour of relatively inexpensive fun.

More on Multi-line Slots

Unlike other online slots, multi-line machines also offer disproportionately high rates of return. Of course, standard machines always feature a jackpot, but after this there’s little chance for substantive gain. With multi-line slot machines, though, high payouts are the norm since these games also boast four- and five-reel formats.

A standard slot machine comes with three revolving reels, which ups your odds of winning. Online casinos get away with advertising bigger payouts on five-reel machines because their designers know that it’s much harder to score five straight icons than it is three. This is also why multi-line slots are able to pay up to a dozen or more winning combinations. When you add up the total number of possible outcomes, that figure grows exponentially with the addition of two or three more reels.

Nickel Slots

Nickel slots are a great way to ease into a trip to your online casino (or regular casino, for that matter), since they're relatively low risk. Talk to most Vegas tourists and you're likely to find that their number one fear is losing a high-stakes competition. Of course, the way to avoid this is never to play for big bucks in the first place.

Sometimes, however, big stakes can sneak up on you. Games such as twenty one and craps can draw you in with modest bets but quickly require more and more funds if you want to keep pace. With nickel slots, you wager five cents, every time, guaranteed. Even on machines that let you double, triple, and quintuple your bet for a two-, three-, and four-times payout, the most you're likely to part with is a quarter.


Why Nickel Slots Remain So Popular

Nickel slots, and slot machines in general, are probably the most democratic game in any casino. Absolutely anyone can step up to a so-called "one-armed bandit," place a coin in the slot, and walk off a winner. There's so skill or strategy involved whatsoever. You may have even witnessed rows upon rows of zombie-like tourists sitting on cushioned stools at three o'clock in the morning. Slots just seem to have this magnetic draw, this promise of mass fortunes only a pull or two away.

Most slot machines don't differ too much, but there are subtle variations to beware of. One of these is the number of reels. Some machines stick to the standard three-reel format, while others entice gamblers with five or more reels. While this might seem attractive for the potentially bigger winnings, your odds are much better on a three-reel slot.

Casino Tips

People are always asking me for casino tips. A few weeks ago some friends of mine were heading to Vegas hoping to strike it rich. Before they went they called me up and asked me what tips I could give them to better their chances. My first tip was, don't expect to strike it rich. Few inexperienced gamblers have much chance of winning it big, and most experienced gamblers don't go for the giant pay outs. (By the way, these tips apply to online casinos too.)


Tips for Casino Gamblers

My second tip, then, was to play conservatively. You're going to be there for three days I said, you don't need to try and win every game on the first night. Place conservative bets and you can play for longer periods. It's not much fun to drop all your money at the first table and then watch your friends play all night.

My third tip was, find a game and stick with it, and your best bet is to avoid games like Keno that have terrible odds and stick with Roulette, Black Jack, or quarter slots that have better odds or allow you to play for longer periods. Roulette's my favorite, I told them, because it is a much more social game than many of the others.

My fourth casino tip was, never play with more than you can afford to lose. True, you might win, but you might lose too so you better save enough money for gas on the return trip because I'm not coming down there to pick you up. I also steered them toward a Roulette system that I've seen work well that approaches betting based on the physics of the wheel rather than on traditional statistical probability systems. My last tip was, don't miss out on any of the buffets, they're spectacular.

Top 10 Gambling Secrets Casinos Don`t Want You to Know

Gambling Secrets

Top 10 Gambling Secrets Casinos Don`t Want You to Know

Human beings have been in love with gambling for a long, long time. Games of chance have been played in human cultures since history began being recorded, and I’ve not doubt they were played long before that. The thrill and excitement inherent in gambling is one reason it is has been enjoyed for so long.


The Secrets of Gambling?

Because gambling has been around for such a long time and is enjoyed by so many people, there seem to be few secrets left. At some point or another, almost every strategy has been tried in order to increase a person’s chances of winning. Some of these strategies were legal, others were down right devious.

Yes, there are definitely few secrets left, but that doesn’t mean that knowledge of the game is evenly distributed. Though the information is out there, not everyone has access to every strategy and some are closely guarded. They might not be secrets in the true sense, but they are available on a limited basis.

For a long time, people claimed to have perfected systems that could shift the odds in favor of the player. Most of these systems, however, were based on statistics. Statistically based systems do not work because casino games are independent trial games. This means that every new spin of the wheel is independent of previous and future spins and therefore has as completely independent outcome. Some systems, like those based on physics, have better results and are worth your further investigation.

/Online Baseball Gambling/

Online baseball gambling has hit the world like a storm! Everywhere you go online now has some sort of site that allows you to place wagers on every MLB baseball game out there. Betting on baseball has become quite the phenomenon over the Internet in just a couple of years

Gambling Made Easy and Fun with Online Baseball Gambling

Are you interested in gambling on baseball but don’t have the time to go to Vegas? Then online baseball gambling is the place for you. You can make money while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

Baseball betting is now available to you whenever you want it. The baseball-betting world comes to you at just a couple strokes of your keypad. Now you can watch your favorite baseball team and make money on them too.

This is a dream come true to the regular at the Vegas Sports Book. No longer do you have to sit in smoke filled rooms just so that you can view MLB betting odds and lay money on a team. Online baseball gambling takes the sports book home with you. Try it today; it’s everything you can have ever hoped for.

Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is virtually identical to casino blackjack, only with one major bonus: convenience. The same basic rules apply–score the highest total you can without “going bust” (over 21), beat the dealer’s score, and you win. It sounds so easy, especially when you factor in the dealer’s obligation to obey a strict set of rules that remove the chance factor from his or her side of the equation.

As in Vegas or Atlantic City casinos (or any other casino, for that matter), the dealer is required to draw a new card until he or she reaches 17. In some rare cases, the “house” (that is, the casino) allows the dealer to hit (take another card) on what’s called “soft 17.” Any soft total refers to the inclusion of an ace in the hand. Since an ace may represent the value of one or 11, an ace and a six is called soft 17. The value is deemed “soft” since it may just as easily be treated as a total of seven. A 10 and an eight, by contrast, represents a fixed or “hard” total of 18, no matter how you cut it.

Check the House Rules in Online Blackjack

Whenever you enter a new casino, your first responsibility is to learn the house rules. These can differ widely from casino to casino, even if you’re playing the exact same game. The permission of soft-17 hitting is only one example of a house rule you may encounter in one casino and not another. The number of decks in a “shoe” (collection of several decks), the style of dealing (“face up” versus “face down”), and minimum wagers are also included in house rules.

Needless to say, online casinos also have house rules. Before you sit down to play your first hand of online blackjack, it’s your job to learn these rules for yourself. Most internet gambling sites list their own rules right up front so there’s no confusion once the game is underway.

Omaha Poker

Omaha poker may not be as well known as Texas Holdem, but the rules are similar, except for some slight changes that make Omaha a compelling alternative. Both games feature cards dealt to the player as well as boardcards, those turned up on the table that can be used by all players. The primary difference between the two games resides in the number of cards that are dealt and how they are used.

In Omaha poker, each player is dealt four cards, instead of the two that are received by players of Texas Holdem. As in that highly televised Lone Star game, though, five boardcards are turned up, first in a flop of three, then a fourth, and finally a fifth. The goal in Omaha poker is to make the best hand using precisely two cards from one's hand and three cards from the board.


Win High, Win Low

Many players will play Omaha Hi Lo split, in which players compete for the highest hand and the lowest hand. This can be incredibly confusing for novices and even experienced Omaha players confess that theirs is a game full of frustration and confusion. For those who take to it, however, it is a sophisticated game with pleasures to be found that are absent in Texas Holdem.

The Internet allows the spread-out community of Omaha poker players to come together to compete over the telephone lines. Players can arrange games in advance with some of their old friends or sit down at a virtual table and make new ones. Online gambling casinos and poker rooms allow players to indulge in Omaha poker no matter where they are.

Slot machine Random generator - Stack Overflow

Slot Machines and Random Number Generators

Slot machine Random generator - Stack Overflow

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of strategy articles about how to win (or at least break even) playing slot machines.

These articles all generally read the same: play max credits, find the “loose” machines, etc. etc.

The truth is, there’s no strategy to playing slots. There are no loose machines. And no, you can’t realistically expect to win (or break even).

Even if you were to win the multi-million dollar jackpot on your first $0.75 spin, if you play that machine long enough, you’ll eventually lose 1-5% of all the money you wagered, and if you play long enough, that will eventually leave you with $0.

Now, as far as all the losing bets you can make in a casino (a losing bet is a bet that is not profitable), the slot machine is just about the best option. The betting denominations are very small, and the pay return is only slightly under breaking even, so with slot machines, your money will last far longer than at other games, like roulette. However, if you’re not careful, you can easily lose thousands of dollars in just one night of playing slots.

So, here’s the real truth behind slot machines. Here’s how they really work.

First, understand that there is no such thing as a “loose” machine. There are no machines that pay out more than any others. There may be a machine that in one hour pays out more than all the machines near it combined, but over the course of a long enough period of time, all the machines pay out equally.

Now, you might think “I should go find that machine that’s loose right now, even if they all pay out the same in the long run,” but trust me, it’s a waste of your time. A machine that appears to be loose is just by chance. In reality, whether or not a machine is going to pay out isn’t decided until the instant the lever is pulled or the button pushed to start the game.

And this is where we get to random number generators (RNG). It’s a computer program part of the electronic slot machines software. When you pull the lever or push the button to start the slot machine game, the random number generator randomly selects a number. This number determines the outcome of the display, and whether or not you are a winner.

The casino decides what kind of pay out they want their set of machines to have, and adjust the RNG to pay out the amount they desire. When you go to the slot machine area, you will usually see a sign somewhere that informs you of the return on their slot machines, expressed a percentage. Usually this number is 95-97%. What this number actually means is that the casino has adjust the RNG on their slot machines to pay out 95-97% of all the money it takes in.

Now, if you only play the slot machine for an hour or so, you could easily have any number of outcomes. You can only play the machine so many times in one hour, and no matter how fast you play, you won’t get enough plays to consistently reach the predetermined payout structure the casino has decided on.

In fact, it’s not even about the individual player. The casino could care less if a few players walk out huge winners (or huge losers). It doesn’t matter, because the casino knows that for every $100 spent in their slot machines, they’re keeping $3-5, depending on how “loose” they’ve set their machines.

If there were a way to consistently beat slot machines and make a consistent profit off of them by finding the right machine and making the right bets (matters of superstition), they simply wouldn’t exist in casinos, because casinos aren’t in the business of losing money.

In the short term, how you do at the slot machine is only a matter of luck. It doesn’t matter what machine you play on, whether you win or lose is a matter of luck, not a matter of finding the right machine.

In the long term however, expecting anything different than losing about $3-5 for every $100 you put into a slot machine is just ridiculous.

Phantom EFX Offers Themed Slot Machine Play that Won't Break the Bank

Tired of the same old gaming action? Had enough and need a break from shooters, simulations, and RPGs? How about some high-stakes action that won't empty your wallet?

Casino style slot machine games are big, and Phantom EFX is no stranger to them. With numerous desktop, online, and mobile digital slots titles under its belt, the developer has delivered an array of slots based games with varying themes, challenges, and mini-games. In Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout for example, it's time to score high in the Wild West.

Tumbleweed Town needs your help. The Red Bandanna Boys are causing a ruckus and it is up to you, the town's trustworthy lawman, to clear them out for good. Figuring that challenging them to a fight could get real ugly real fast, you suggest some high-stakes slot machine competition instead.

Different slot machines offer a variety of gameplay.

Like most of the slots that are based on a theme, in Wild West Shootout, there are four different slot machines to play; Bad Girls, Ricochet, Oil Tycoon, Bovine Bling – each offering its own unique slot machine gameplay and scoring values. At the game's start, not all machines are playable at first as you have to prove yourself as a capable slot-playing lawman for each to become available. When you're sitting at a machine, you can keep playing to level up and unlock higher payout rates along with challenging bonus rounds. Be lucky enough to hit special slot payouts and unlock achievements that will appear on your trophy shelf. Beat all of a machine's challenges and move a few steps closer to running the Bandanna Boys out of town. Be careful not to give up and cash out too early – you'll be warned that progress in your current challenge will be lost for good.

Themed mini-games add to the western feel while offering additional gameplay.

Everyone needs to walk away and take a break from the slots every now and then. Good thing is, while there are a number of slots that are based on realistic casino style play, a themed title such as Wild West Shootout also features some mini-games to compliment the ongoing story. While they are not overly challenging, they do test player skill with quick tasks and puzzle like action.

The Wild West isn't your thing? Not a problem. Phantom EFX has many theme slots to choose from, such as Slot Quest: Under the Sea, and Slot Quest: The Vampire Lord. These titles along with their Real Deal line of slot based games game be found through online game retailers and casual game sites such as and

Nevada Weekly Slot Machine Tournaments Guide: Throughout the State, Competitions Draw Customers to Casinos

In casinos throughout the Silver State, from the Red Lion Inn & Casino in Elko, the Nugget in Carson City and Wendover Peppermill to clubs on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, weekly and special event slot machine tournaments are popular promotions. These tournaments come in a variety of formats, with differences as far as eligibility, entry requirements and prize structure are concerned

While most of the tournaments are held at Las Vegas and Reno casinos, there’s plenty of action in the clubs lining the Colorado River at Laughlin, too. For example, daily “Man vs. Machine” tourneys are sponsored by the Colorado Belle, while “Spin to Win” competitions are featured at the Golden Nugget on various days of the week. Entry fees at the former are $10, $20 and $30 (first place prizes of $1,000, $2,500 and $4,000), while all the “Spin to Win” tourneys have a $10 entry fee and $1,000 total prize money each day.

Comparison Reveals Differences

Although almost all weekly tournaments involve metered machines set so each participant plays for five minutes, there’s no sameness about their entry requirements, prizes awarded or other features. Weekly slot tournaments at two Reno “neighborhood” casinos (casinos away from downtown patronized largely by locals) illustrate these differences.

Weekly tournaments at the Atlantis, about two miles from downtown on S. Virginia Street take place daily 1 to 6 p.m., with winners announced at 6:30 p.m. They are free and open to all members of Club Paradise, the casino’s players club. Individual play lasts for five minutes on metered machines. Prizes awarded each day are 1st Place, $100 cash with other prizes of “free play” on the casino’s slot machine. These are, 2nd place, $75 free play, 3rd place, $50, two 4th places of $20 free play and 15 of $10. Winners need to be present at 6:30 in order to receive these prizes.

Gold Dust West Has Additional Requirements

At Gold Dust West, about a half-dozen blocks northeast of downtown, the weekly Wednesday tournaments begin at 11 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. , with each player having five minutes at a machine. Prize winners — $200 for first, $100 for second and $75 for third — are announced about a half-hour later. Entrants must be members of the Gold Dust West players club and over the age of 50 to participate. In addition, each participant must accumulate 50 points on his or her players card on tournament day prior to entering (each entrant gets a free dinner voucher).

While tournament play is free at most Reno casinos, other clubs, such as John Ascuaga’s Nugget in Sparks, have set entry fees (the Nugget’s is $5). Video poker tournaments are also held on certain days of the week at several casinos.

Special Event Tournaments

In addition to weekly tournaments, casinos often sponsor special event or themed tournaments. These are usually two-day competitions, but unlike the Invitation Only and High Roller tournaments, are affordable as far as most gamblers are concerned.

The tournaments are generally themed, with names like “Shamrock Celebration” or “April Showers,” and flyers are sent out in advance to both local players club members and those who live elsewhere. Although formats and prize structures vary somewhat, the majority of these tournaments have an entry fee of $200 or less. This fee includes a complimentary room for two nights and a meal or two. Discounts are offered to the second person sharing a room and participants who don’t require accommodations.

Two-day tournaments usually consist of three rounds, the first held on one day and remaining two on the second. The typical tourney round lasts from ten to twenty minutes, and prizes are sometimes awarded to the winner of each round. Since not all participants can play the tournament machines at the same time, each entrant is assigned a playing time.

Entry Fees and Prize Money

Total prize money for a recent tournament with 600 participants and an entry fee of $199 ($100 for person sharing room; $149 for person not requiring accommodations) totaled $40,000, with cash prizes of $10,000, $3,000 and $2,000, $1,500 and $1,000 for the top five players; $500 each for players who placed sixth to tenth; $300 for those who placed from 11 to 20 and $25 each to those placing 21st to 40th. Players who came in from 185th to 41st received $100 or $25 in free play, depending on their ranking.

A variation of the above is the single-day special event tournament such as the 2010 “Millionaire Maker” tournaments held at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe. These competitions,, based on 350 players at each tournament ($200 buy in), award a total of $30,000 to 15 players. The top prize is $15,000 and top two finishers get to advance to the Millionaire Maker Slot Finals at Harrah's New Orleans in October.