How To Play Craps

Craps is without a doubt the most intimidating game for a new player to dive into, especially on the floor of a Las Vegas casino. There are so many rules and possible bets–not to mention unwritten rules of etiquette–that confusion and intimidation are frequent responses to one’s first time at the table. Luckily, once learned, craps is an incredibly lively and fun game that keeps players coming back for more.

Online casinos are terrific ways to hone skills and strategies before taking them to Las Vegas or Atlantic City–and with craps this can be a lifesaver. The raucous social aspects of craps make it a difficult game to learn in a crowded casino where drinks are flowing freely. Learning the rules and the common bets from the comfort and privacy of one’s home is a much wiser idea.

Making the Point

At its heart, craps is a very simple game whose objective is to bet on whether the shooter will roll the same number twice before he “craps out.” The alluring dice combinations of seven and 11 are actually only welcome rolls when a new shooter starts rolling and has yet to establish his point. Once he makes a point of a number such as 4, 5, 6, or 8, the object of the game is for him to throw that number once again before rolling a seven or 11, which now have become unwelcome results that end a shooter’s turn.

Players may bet against the shooter as well, though this is sometimes seen as poor etiquette in a game that is a very social experience. Playing craps online removes the peer pressure aspect of this game and allows players to learn it on its merits. Once the fundamentals have been mastered, players may choose to keep their craps play on the Internet or book the next flight to Vegas to take their turns as shooters.

Online Casino Guarantees

So, you're an adrenaline junky looking for fun, excitement, and perhaps some quick cash gambling at an online casino? I know how you feel, there's nothing quite as exciting as winning it big gambling. When you flip the winning card or the wheel lands on your number, you feel that thrill of excitement hit you like a wave through your body. There's nothing quite like it.

But, if you're looking to get your kicks through an online gambling site, you also want to make sure that you're not being taken advantage of. The problem with online gambling is the anonymity of the whole experience and the lack of regulation and enforcement in the online gaming industry. You can win money and feel the rush gambling online, just make sure you're doing it through a legitimate casino.


Online Casino Guarantees You Need

When you find an online casino you like, check to see what guarantees they explicitly state. Somewhere on their site they should state in no uncertain terms that it is a secure site. You are going to be entering in financial information, and you want your money to be secure. Any financial transaction should be secured through encryption or some other form of customer protection.

Another must have guarantee is privacy protection. This again applies to your financial information. You want your important numbers and data kept private, away from prying eyes. You also do not want your personal information sold to third party sources. Sometimes, disreputable sites can sell your name, email, and other personal information to others who want to market things to you. Unless you want 10,000 spams in your inbox, only play at online casinos that guarantee your privacy.

MLB Gambling Picks – 7/31/20 - On Tap Sports Net

Baseball Gambling Picks

MLB Gambling Picks – 7/31/20 - On Tap Sports Net

Are you sitting there looking at today’s pitchers and wondering who the hell are the best picks for today? Worry no longer, because finally there are some baseball gambling picks that you can fully trust. The Internet has the picks for you that will triple your winnings.

Baseball gambling picks are strategically chosen by expert baseball analysts. They focus their attention on particular statistics that will weigh their decisions towards one team or the other. They then decide whether or not this team is capable of winning on this given day and then they make picks, which are now readily available to you.

Using Baseball Gambling Picks to Your Advantage

Do you feel like you can’t seem to pick a correct winning team? Are you constantly second guessing your picks? With baseball gambling picks you will be able to see what expert analysts think about the games you’re interested in.

You won’t have to keep hitting yourself over the head thinking that you should have gone with your gut decision. These expert analysts will prove to you that they have the best baseball picks out there. At last, there is a helping hand in the baseball gambling world that is waiting for you.

Casino Gambling Odds

The plain and simple truth about online gambling odds is that the odds are always against you. Without exception, the odds always favor the house. This does not mean that you can't win, however, you just have to be smart and learn how to play the game right in order to improve your chances of winning.

Online casino games are virtual versions of the real thing and use random number generators to ensure the randomness of their results, much as any draw from the deck or spin of the wheel in real gambling is completely random. Casino games are referred to as independent trial processes in statistics. What this means is that the result of the last spin on a Roulette wheel, for example, has no impact on the results of the following spin. The three that came up on the last spin has absolutely no impact on the next spin. This is why statistically based gambling systems do not work.


Calculating Online Casino Odds

Online gamblers should also note that some games by nature have better odds than others. Keno and Let It Ride have some of the worst odds in the casino, while Roulette has some of the best. The even money bets in Roulette, red/black, odd/even, high/low, have almost a 50/50 chance. Only the presence of the green zero and double zero spaces make the odds slightly less than 50/50.

The example I just gave was based on an American Roulette wheel. American wheels have two green zero spaces. European wheels, on the other hand, have only a single zero space and thus the odds on European wheels are fractionally better than on American wheels. Black Jack has good player odds as well and is a good game to play for long periods.

How ATM deposits work - Dignited

Not Much Difference in a Banks ATM or a Slot Machine is There?

How ATM deposits work - DignitedYou know them. ATM(s) they were supposed to make it more convenient for the banking customer. The reality is that they make it easier for the criminal who wants to jack you. Media appears to leave out if a bank customer is jacked at a ATM and if it is equipped with a camera, does the customer recoup the loss at the banks cost or not? Is a ATM federal or state property if said device is on bank property or not? Are funds in an ATM federally insured for loss?

Also in the media lately ATM’s are going up in a usage fee. One bank told a friend of this writer that the increase of cost was due to security. What a bunch of crap. Do you readers see any “Robo-Cops” at your bank? This device probably reduced a banks work force considerably. Bank hours are not really designed for most consumers, because by the time you get off work your bank is closed. You cannot even argue with an ATM. These machines in reality are not a convenience with the exception of the bank. You see how banks have changed. Go into yours what do you think a bank Teller makes? Isn’t it great that the financial adviser at many banks are just a couple of years out of high-school. It is too much win win for the bank.

Slot machines are obviously used in or as a gambling device. Recent surveys according to the rocket scientists who administer them report that many Americans cannot account for at least 100.00 a month. The survey pointed out that many folks who use an ATM often take out more than they originally wanted to. Bad for you good ,for the bank. I have been to Vegas. No one takes only what they want to spend even though you hear about it. An ATM will gladly most of the time give you YOUR money, just as a slot machine will take it. The irony in ATM’s v. slot machines, is that a slot machine does not charge you three dollars to use it each time. Your ATM will charge you to use it every time, whether you put in or take out.

Gambling is not legal in all fifty states. If people in general cannot account for there own money using an ATM is alone and by itself a gamble and therefore maybe there legality should be in question. Perhaps these bank devices need to be more closely regulated. If banks do not have to pay for health insurance for employees replaced by electric tellers why do the fees continue to rise? There are less bank employees doing more work.

in gambling speak the odds always favor the house. In gambling, most people know that the house is favored over 90 percent. How is an ATM not a gambling device? Perhaps some legal scholar could respond.

Finding a Loose Slot Machine (99% Payout)

Finding a loose slot machine is the best thing that could happen to you at the casino. What you need to remember is that just because it's loose for the time being doesn't mean it will always be this way. A loose slot machine is a machine that pays out around 98-99%. Loose machines are always next to tight machines. This is why people will sit at a machine for 5 minutes and move to the next machine over and remain there for hours. The pay out on a machine is based on an average. This means the machine won't give you back 99% of what you put into it, it will pay this out over an average of a certain amount of months. This is also why a machine is never due to pay out. Everything is completely random. Every play you make is determined by the exact fraction of a second that you hit the bet button. Everything is completely random and if the next person who sits down after you wins, don't feel bad because you wouldn't have won. The odds of you hitting the max bet button at the same exact fraction of a second is impossible.

If you are trying to find a loose slot machine, take a look around. Which slot machines can you see from multiple aisles? Generally the higher pay out machines are $1.00 machines. They have the best pay out average. Followed by the $.25 cent machines and so on. Look for machines that are near the concession stand or cashier. The reason they put the machines there is because people standing in line will only be hearing the machines close to them. They will keep hearing the machine going off and paying out. That will entice these people to continue playing. They put the good paying machines by the food because they want you to hurry up and get back to gambling! The longer you are eating, the more money they are losing. They want you to see the people winning good amounts of money- so you hurry up to go back and play the slots.

Sit down at any given machine and play through 10 pulls. If at that time you are not ahead or the same, go to the next machine. If the machine you are on is a tight machine, the next machine over should be a loose machine. Give that machine another 10 pulls and leave if you aren't ahead or even. At that point you need to consider one of two things. Either this is a fluke and one of the machines is a loose machine but not paying out good now, or both machines are tight machines. Watch other people around you, if somebody has been at the same machine for 10 hours, that machine has to be paying good, right? Get to know the regulars. Keep an eye on the machines that they play. People who go there alot know which machines pay out good. Beware because the casinos do switch the locations of slot machines to try and disguise the loose machines. One you find a good machine look it over really good and keep track of where the machine moves to.

Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem poker continues to be one of the most popular variations on standard draw poker in the United States. Each year, millions of viewers tune in to watch The World Series of Poker on ESPN, in which the world’s top Holdem players compete for two-and-a-half-million in cash. More than 800 players sign up each year for this winner-takes-all showdown.

Texas Holdem poker is similar to standard draw poker in its hierarchy of hands. A full house beats a flush, which tops a straight, which bests three of a kind, and so on down to the high card. Those who have played draw poker before typically have little problem adjusting to Texas Holdem.

Where Texas Holdem Poker Differs

The difference in Holdem, as it’s called, is that players share what are known as “table cards.” Five such cards is the norm, and each player must cobble together his or her best hand using three of those table cards. The other two cards used in rounding out the hand are the two that each player has been dealt, both of which are face down (though obviously viewable to the player).

Betting takes place after each player is dealt his or her two cards, with subsequent rounds after three more cards are flipped, then the remaining two, one by one. With up to four betting rounds per hand, it’s easy for a single player to be wiped out quickly, a mistake more than a few novice Holdem players have made. Like other online poker games, Holdem is readily available on the Internet. The average online casino hosts at least two or three poker variations, of which Holdem is the most common.

Ukbetting – A Big House To Cater All The Needs From Gambling To Games

UKbetting is a very big sport betting group that has grown extensively by acquiring realitivly lower cost operators with good customer bases. Apart from the UK market, UKbettng has a good presence in to the Asian and European market. UKbetting Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2001.

Apart from the UKbetting, this huge sports betting and gambling business group opeates other big companies like SportingLife, BettingZone, Sportal and TotalBet.

UKbtting covers a good range of all the UK, US and other major international sports. The betting range includes Football, Greyhounds, Rugby, Boxing, Cricket, Motor Racing Tennis, Golf, NFL, NBA, NBL, Ice Hockey, Snooker, Basketball and Horses Racing.

UKbetting caters to all the needs. Apart from sports betting, it showcases games, casinos, poker and bingo games. UKbetting gives a good competition to the other biggies like Ladbrokes and William Hill.

UKbetting offers commentary and live audio news for horse racing, greyhounds, football, and Irish racing. Additionally also offers stats long with the betting guides that are accessible to both the members and non-members. UKbetting has useful betting forum, betting blog, articles based on gambling, gambling news, sports news, bet calculator, odds conversion ladder and other useful information for he members.

UKbettng has a great feauture – Betting exchanges. Betting exchanges works similar to any other exchange. Betting exchange is a bet where the bets are bought and sold, and the contracts made. In recent times, Betting exchanges have become very popular. People are highly using them. Betting exchanges is a complete new development in the risk markets; it has changed the traditional sports betting and gambling industry. Betting exchanges are seen as the future of online betting. Betting Exchanges offers charges a transaction fee similarly to stock exchange rather than take a percentage in order to avoid being categorized as a casino.

At UKbetting, customer service is available via phone and email. The response is excellent, they reply timely. Alike the other major sporting houses, UKbetting also does not allow the U.S. players.

The lacking part at UKbetting is that there are not big promotions. UKbetting offers very minimal promotions; in fact, there is only one – free bet. New members get a free bet of GBP25 at the time of joining.

UKbetting provides the following deposit methods – Card (Credit/Debit), NETeller, Wire Transfer and Checks. For withdrawal, it offers Checks.
/Play Free Slots /

People will always be attracted to the venerable slot machine with its simple mechanics and promise of big jackpots. The music of a casino is the sound of slots beeping and chirping and coins clinking as they fall into a metal tray. Casinos make most of their profits from these machines, and it is where the majority of casino patrons spend their time.

The very fact that the player can have no effect on the outcome is part of the allure of slot machines. They epitomize our belief in luck, which is where much of the entertainment of gambling can be found. The pleasure of seeing three cherries come up on the payline is enough that many people would play the slots for free.


Reel Slots, Real Fun

The Internet has been a fertile breeding ground for activities catering to slots lovers. There are sites available where players can test their luck at some of the most popular slot machines around without paying a dime. Some of them even reward players by allowing them to enter into sweepstakes where real money can be won.

Playing free slots online is a great way to get prepared for a trip to Vegas or just to relax for a little while at work. Players can log on for as little or as much time as they choose, and be reminded of what attracted them to slots in the first place. Whenever the slot bug hits, there is no need to hop the next flight to Nevada, when the same fix can be found on your desktop.

Roulette Game Tables

Roulette is a unique casino game. It moves at a more leisurely pace than other games like Black Jack, and is more social by nature. Many people remain at the roulette table for hours on end, conversing with other players and enjoying one another's company as much as the game itself. The table is set up to accommodate the social nature of the game.

Players sit or stand around a table that is broken up into a grid of red and black squares resembling a chess board. Each colored square on the table has a numerical value corresponding to one of the pockets on the wheel. Players place their betting chips on the square of their choice, anticipating that the ball will land in that slot.


Roulette Wheel Layout

At one end of the table is the Roulette wheel. The wheel has numbered pockets representing the numbers one through 36. In addition to the numbered slots, there is also a zero pocket. On an American Roulette wheel, there is also an additional 00 slot. The zero and 00 slots are green instead of the standard red or black of the rest of the numbers.

At first glance it might appear that the set up of the wheel is totally arbitrary. This is not the case, however. The color and number distributions on the wheel are the result of meticulous planning. The numbers are distributed evenly in such a way as to make the odds of landing on any particular spot; low, even, high, odd, etc. equal. Colors alternate, as do even and odd numbers.

Why the Slot Machines Near Las Vegas Hotel Pools Are Among the Worst to Play

One of my regular readers pointed out the other day that I have stated that the slot machines around Las Vegas hotel pools are among the worst to play in the city, but I have never really given a reason why. There are reasons why I avoid the slot machines near Las Vegas pools, and you should take these reason with you on your next trip to Las Vegas.

First off, you might notice that the slot machines around Las Vegas hotel pools are usually a lot older than the rest of the slot machines around the casino. Now usually, I have said that older machines are usually loosened up to increase the lifetime payout of the machine. That is not true with the Las Vegas hotel pool slots.

These slots are usually made a lot tighter as they are used as a distraction for people that are around the pool, but do not want to go swimming. The casinos know that there will be people that fit this description all the time. They are with a group of friends, and are only around the poll to socialize. These slot machines are their distraction.

If a casino knows that a slot machine, such as the ones by the pool, are going to be used to fill a gap caused by boredom, the slot will be tightened up. Consider this type of slot machine as guaranteed money since there will always be someone that fit's the description of someone who does not really want to be by the pool, but has to be.

The slot machines by Las Vegas hotel pools are also old because of the fact that these slot machines usually do not last very long once they are placed by the pool. The humidity, the chlorine on people fingers, the moisture on people's fingers, and the slamming of buttons by kids really takes a toll on these machines. I was actually at a casino for a week and saw three slot machine replacements out of seven machines.

The next time that you are around a Las Vegas hotel pool, remember that the slot machines in the area are among the worst to play in Las Vegas. Do what you can to avoid the temptation. If you really do not want to be around the pool, bring a book. At least when you read a book you are not loosing any money.